Our Pipe Pressure Testing Procedure

Delivering fast, accurate results, PT pipe pressure testing system is simple to use, cost-effective and conforms to UK standards. A complete pipe pressure testing package that includes all analysis and certification.


Test Procedure

  • You call with details of the pipe to be  pressure tested
  • PT immediately offer expert advice on the optimum equipment required to complete the pipe presure test
  • PT dispatch the pipe pressure test equipment as required
  • Equipment is easy to assemble and instructions are included. Help and guidance is only a phone call away
  • GPS coordinates ensure with absolute accuracy the location of the pipe pressure test
  • PT can view the pipe pressure test live - if required - and determine the exact length of time required for the pressure test
  • PT can, if requested, monitor the pipe pressure test and if there is a problem contact you immediately, so no time is lost if you have to re-test
  • Test data is downloaded directly for analysis and certification
  • The pipeline pressure test results can then be emailed immediately or viewed on a live website via a secure password from anywhere in the world